One of the leading 20 providers of Mastercard credit cards in the nation, providing services to millions of clients across the nation and a 4x being granted the Mastercard Performance Excellence Award. The First Premier Bank was founded in 1929 and is based on Sioux Falls, South Dakota state. We are a licensed and active part of the B.B.B and also a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Each year unfortunately millions of American citizens go through the hardship of bad credit due to various reasons: health problems, divorce, unemployment, and other hard situations. Besides low credit that burdens people with thousands bucks annually in raised interest charges, in extreme situations, the individual may be rejected from getting credit. First Premier Bank is oriented towards people who don’t have a flawless credit score but are still classified as credit candidates. We are proud in providing an interposed temporary credit card to assist our clients across the country improve their credit situations. Your First Premier Bank credit status is forwarded to Consumer Reporting Agencies every month. Placing your payment promptly and making sure your balances are less comparing to the credit limit will lead to points that improve your credit score.

If you’ve been forwarded this offer, you have been selected as eligible according to your FICO credit rank.

To proceed following your e-mail message, head to the website and insert your join code. Next, press on the Apply Now button to be directed to the website registration form.

Complete all the required fields with your personal data like full name, residential  address and employer company, etc.

Platinum Offer Privileges

Here are the top 4 card special privileges:

  • 24-hour access to your account (online)
  • Your FICO rank on your monthly reports
  • Pass to an authentic Mastercard credit and no pre-loaded card
  • Entrance to a hassle-free to handle credit limit which you can take advantage to purchase things online, purchase your food, book a car rental and others (depending on running credit, Extra fees and rates may also be imposed).

Why should you join the My Premier Credit Card program? is the official member url to go that grants signed-up clients privileges and non-registered members can not enter.

  • How you can place a payment via cash after receiving your card?
  • There are more than 100K spots across the country available for daily transactions.
  • You can use common spots like Walmart and Pay-o-matic to make your transaction with cash.
  • If you prefer guidance step-by-step, you can pick between 2 options to find a spot near your area.
  • Also, head to the site: premier. or use the line: 1-888-818-71-27.

To enroll in the Platinum Offer visit the site