Waste Connections Inc. is one of those oh so glorious businesses that deals with collecting and disposing of human waste properly as is mandated by the laws as well as the customers that they serve. Waste Connections Inc. usually does not deal with larger areas such as cities as they are remote and prefer to deal with the south and west of the United States market so at least there’s that.

We are here to tell you how you can make a payment on your Waste Connections Inc. account if you are one of their customers. We will also be telling you how to create your online payment account.

Waste Connections Bill Payment Options

If you wish to make a payment on your Waste Connections Inc. bill then you can do so online.

How To Register For A Wcicustomer.Com Online Payment Account

If you wish to make your online payment for Waste Connections Inc. but cannot do so because you don’t have an online account then you will first have to register for your account. You can do so by going to the following link: https://www.wcicustomer.com/Enroll1.aspx.

Once you are there you will be asked to enter your invoice number as well as your Waste Connections Inc. account number. After this click the “next” button. There will be a number of questions you will have to answer and personal information to enter when you are prompted. Among other things, you will be asked to enter your contact information. It is also at this stage of the process when you will be asked to create your username and password for your account.

Once you have created your online account you are ready to make your online payment.

Waste Connections Online Bill Pay

Once you have created your online account you can make your payment, just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to this link www.wcicustomer.com/Login
  2. In the sections provided enter your username and your password.
  3. If you wish you can click the remember button for future reference.
  4. Click on the Login button.
  5. There will be a link that says “View/Pay Bill”, go to this.
  6. Enter the relevant bank account information.
  7. Enter the amount of payment you wish to make and the date it is to be withdrawn from your bank account.
  8. Click the “pay now” tab in order to complete your payment.
  9. Wait for your confirmation receipt.

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