Jobseekers seeking a fresh start with a stand-up company certainly would definitely love to start their career with Exchange. If you are looking for a new job, you must access the Internet and apply at My Exchange Website . Once you reach My Exchange work page, you can seek employment via the “Job Fairs links” or “Apply Now”. Jobseekers who prefer to make their first impression face to face should click the Job Fair Link. It will display a calendar of events and locations of the 2019 Jobs.

Applicants who choose to apply via the Apply Now link can search for vacant jobs by entering the keywords like:

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ApplyMyExchange Management Training Programs

“Management Trainee” positions are published internally and externally. Interested applicants should submit their application and comply with the stated requirements in the job ads. After the successful completion of the program, the selected candidate will be placed in a full-time position in one of our exchanges worldwide.

Exchange offers training in:

  • Logistics
  • Catering
  • Purchasing
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Auditing
  • IT
  • Marketing

Check the Program Details to see if it suits you.

Why Should You Work For The Exchange?

  • Apply directly to the Exchange Jobs website for a new career.
  • Search for jobs via exchange job market or with an online portal.

The Army Service and the Air Force Exchange is an agency of Defense Department that provides tax-free purchases to more than 12 million military personnel. The organization ranks among the top 50 retailers in the United States. Most of the Exchange business provides two-thirds of its profits to the Marines, the Air Force, Army, and Navy. 2% of the organization’s budget comes from the US government and the rest is generated by selling goods and services.

  • The Exchange has received many awards for its work, including the “Best for Vets” by the Military Times and the “Best of the Best” by American Veterans Magazine.
  • The exchange is an equal opportunity platform and that’s why candidates do not have to worry about whether they will receive a fair
  • Most benefits like medical, dental, pension and paid holidays start from the first day of the job.
  • Opportunities can be found in many different places of exchange 40 000 jobs in 20 different occupational fields.

Internship Programs

With the paid internship program, students receive valuable work experience during their degree. The courses are offered at the headquarters and at various places of Exchange in the fall, spring and summer semester.

Conditions of Participation

  • Must attend college or university as a student junior, senior or graduate with a good reputation.
  • Must take at least 6 semester hours or should be on the official summer break of school.
  • More information is available here.